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Description:   A server operating system designed for schools, providing a simple graphical interface for easy installation and maintenance of your network. Web Server ManagementPDCProxyFile and PrintWeb Services

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LESP-CEL - Linux Easy Server Project LESP-CEL is a small shell script program to run shell commands trough e-mail messages. It is flexible enough to allow cel phones to use it. Remote access to Gnu/Linux Servers usind mobile devices.

Linux Chat Server Multithreaded Chat server using sockets... great example code to search through for Linux communication and threads. C++PThreadsTCP/IP

LineControl LineControl allows you to remotely control the internet connection of a linux masquerading server from multiple clients. It takes care with the number of clients using the connection and decides upon this number whether the connection should be up or dow

auditunlink - Audit file deletions Wonder who deleted that important file on your Linux box? Did your database files "mysteriously" disappear from that super-secure Linux database server and you don't know how? Now your system logs will tell who, what, when, and how with Auditunlink

keepalived The main goal of the keepalived project is to add a strong & robust keepalive facility to the Linux Virtual Server project. This project is written in C with multilayer TCP/IP stack checks. Keepalived implements a framework based on three family chec

ClusterN ClusterN is a GNU/Linux cluster (server and node) distribution. Server boots from CD and starts DHCP/TFTP/NFS daemons that allow to boot diskless nodes over the network. ClusterN provides PVM/MPI/openMOSIX environment and WWW management software.

Zentyal Linux small business server Zentyal (formerly eBox Platform) is a Linux Small Business Server that can act as a Gateway, UTM, Office Server, Infrastructure Manager, Unified Communications Server or a combination of them. Zentyal offers an easy-to-use web interface to manage all your network services, from Internet access, network ...

Mobile Mouse Server for Linux An unofficial Mobile Mouse ( server for Linux (X11) which implements mouse, keyboard and application functionality. It also includes Avahi support for auto discovery. It also works with Free Mouse (the free version). Install using Ubuntu Software Center...or build from source

Script of Instalation of the LTSP Instalation script of Linux Terminal Server Project, it was developed for lay users and it possesses an interface of easy understanding, because the user will just indicate the ip addresses of the machines.

SyncML-Server written in Perl Little SyncML-Server written in perl. Easy to use, easy to learn and understand syncml. It is developed for people who wants to easily syncronise calendar of mobile phones with their own linux/unix server.

Linux NV Cables Script - makini A linux shell (bash) script for connecting online via an ISP through cables infrastructure service providers using a PPTP client ( This script is adapted for Netvision (

Linux Security Auditing Tool Linux Security Auditing Tool (LSAT) is a post install securityauditing tool. It is modular in design, so new features can be addedquickly.

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